Friday, June 5, 2015

Calling All Dreamers!

Dreamers haven't given up yet. Everyone else has given in to the idea that the world is going to end. Herein lies the premise of this very entertaining movie of hope and promise, Tomorrowland. My "inner child" lives and used to be more optimistic than it has become. This fun movie rebirthed the Dreamer in me; just a little.

Frank Walker, played by the wonderful George Clooney, used to be a Dreamer. In his current state of mind, he has become a paranoid, angry recluse. Casey Newton is a beautiful, young Dreamer, who believes in a promising future. Her father, Eddie Newton, played by the ever-surprising Tim McGraw (who is developing a very nice acting career as well as a successful, on-going singing career), is a NASA engineer on his way out. The father has become discouraged; his daughter has become a bit of an anarchist. As a result, she is arrested for getting caught, once again, sabotaging the dismantling of the space rocket launching site in Cape Canaveral. She has been observed by a mysterious female who leaves an old pin in her motorcycle helmet.

Eddie bails out his daughter, but when she collects her belongings upon release, she claims the pin included there is not hers. When she touches the pin, she is instantly transported to a wonderful place. Hilariously, she continues walking into walls while in this place, because really she is still in her reality. When she is observed doing this, people either laugh or get angry with her. Consequently, she rides her bike, after her motorcycle is taken away, to a huge field to continue her explorations with the pin. But, she turns it over to notice a digital clock counting down. Eventually, the clock runs out, and her adventure begins.

I found this movie fun and very entertaining. There is adventure, action and humor. The special effects are very good, and it is a fun ride. It felt just a little long in the middle, though. I'm not sure what could have been done to change this feeling, but overall, I really enjoyed it. It is a refreshing change from the doom and gloom futuristic movies of late. Oh, by the way, Hugh Laurie of TV's "House" fame is the villain, Nix. An apropos name for a villain, no?