Sunday, October 6, 2013


Opening scene: beautiful view of earth from space and....silence. Slowly, from the side you think you hear something, then it gets louder and a littler louder and...

This is a wild ride of a movie. It is chock full of excitement, suspense and beauty. IMAX makes you feel like you are floating outside the Hubble Space Telescope while Dr. Ryan Stone, played by Sandra Bullock tries to figure out why NASA isn't receiving her data downloads. Matt Kowalski (the ever-cool George Clooney) is on his last mission and is trying to beat the space walk record using a new jet pack and shows how fun it would be to fly around in space with the Earth as his backdrop. Soon, all hell breaks looks and off we go!

Larry had fun picking on the technical impossibilities or improbabilities, but we quickly decided picking it apart isn't worth it because the experience is so well done anyway. I could feel the desperation in Dr. Stone's voice as she tumbles helplessly ass over tea kettle off towards the stars. The umpf's heard as she hits and misses grabbing onto something to attach to space vehicles and keeping from reaching for that bar myself with 3D believability was great. I particularly loved watching tear drops float off her face toward mine and flames floating inside the Soyuz space shuttle as wiring catches fire. This film has humor, fear, sadness and acceptance of one's doomed fate all wrapped up in a beautiful package that leaves me wondering how they did that.

One thing I could have done without are the crotch shots of Ms. Bullock. Really? She's skinny, but we didn't need all.

It is so fun, you just have to go see it. Don't miss the opportunity to watch in 3D IMAX either. You'll be glad you did.