Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Age of Adeline

Larry declared this a "chick flick" with a good story. I agree the story is engaging, romantic, improbable, but entertaining. It left me feeling good, and feeling satisfied. Is it perfect? Not really. There are choppy rhythms in the flow of the movie, but overall, I liked it.

Blake Lively is just stunning. Not only does she carry her character, Adeline Bowman, with grace and regality, her performance is elegantly reigned in. Playing a subdued character cannot be easy. But, Blake does it beautifully. I believed her as the Mom of seventy plus-year-old Flemming, played by the wonderful, Ellen Burstyn. Adeline was loving, patient and wise. And, Adeline was tormented by the fate that caused her curious condition of agelessness. I felt her pain.

Flemming convinces her mother to stop running when she meets a perfect love interest, Ellis Jones, played by the gorgeous Michiel Huisman (most recently seen as a warrior on Game of Thrones), her pain was real. Michiel's father played by Harrison Ford was her first love. She ran from him, and now she finds herself coming full circle. No longer haunted by her past where she is an enigma, hunted by the government for study (because as Flemming said, "They're all dead now."), her daughter convinces her there is no need to keep running away. But, Adeline's life has only been about escaping, and she doesn't know how to stay put.

I will warn viewers, who are dog lovers, that there is a scene that will tear your heart out. I sobbed, and so did Larry. But the movie has a happy ending that is satisfying and will make you smile.